Top 5 Unqiue and Inexpensive Beach Wedding Invitations

Are you planning a beach wedding and looking for unqiue but affordable beach wedding invitation cards? If yes, then here are a plethora of beach wedding invittaions ideas you can choose from, to make the wedding ceremony a fun-filled romantic fantasy.

Top 1. Hand Drawn Cartoon Wedding Invitations

If you are cartoon lover or little mermaid fan, these unqiue hand drawn invitations from Valentine's Promise will be your best choice.    $118 = 80+ Invitations, 80+ R.S.V.P, 160+ Printed outer and return envelopes and Shipping fee

Top 2. DIY bottle Wedding Invitations

Luau -12 Message in a Bottle Tropical Invitations - Wholesale Luau Party Supplies 

Top 3. Cute Beach Wedding Invitations with Starfish shells

Top 4. Handmade Miniature Foam Flip Flops Beach Wedding Invitation

Click here to view more details.

Top 5. Inexpensive Beach Invites Kits for Beach Wedding

 $0.94 = 1 Invitations, 1 R.S.V.P, 2 Printed outer and return envelopes and Shipping fee

So, what is your choice? ^^

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Cheap Peacock Wedding Invitations

The peacock wedding theme is a theme that a lot of couples would like to have for their own wedding, but are not sure if they can pull it off. Peacocks are exquisite creatures, their feathers displaying the most beautiful combination of colors. Having a peacock wedding theme means using a lot of teals, blues, greens, purples and violets. Adding a bit of gold or bronze makes the palette even more stunning. It is sure to be a visual delight for all of your wedding guests.

Peacock feathers have a graphic floral look to them, so when I saw these gorgeous invitations at pinterest and zazzle I had to include them in this post.

So, today I will show you some gorgeous Peacock themed Wedding Invitations. ^^

Do not worry if you have a limited budget!!! Invitationstyles have some beautiful and unique peacock wedding invite kits as low as $1.

Peacock wedding ideas


Inexpensive Love Birds Wedding Invitation Collections

Hi guys, this is my first blog post about wedding invitations and I just want to share you some cute and romantic invitation cards.
So, the keywords is "Love birds"

Ok, just like you know "love birds" is one of the top 2013 wedding themes. So today, I will show you some beautiful and affordable love birds wedding invitations.

All of these cute and beautiful love birds invitation cards could be found on invitationstyles and zazzle.

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